Our guests here at Flyer Sportfishing will witness an abundance of fish this summer. Fishing in Oahu, particularly the North Shore, will be adventurous this season as light trade winds this summer makes it possible for you to spot numerous quality fish such as big Ahi, commonly referred to as the Yellowfin Tuna, and the Blue Marlin.

To catch the Blue Marlin, it is important for you to get to know more about it. This large and strong fish can provide a challenge for anglers.

Monster Fish

The Blue Marlin is indeed a monster fish. Female marlins are known to be larger than the males. The females can grow up to 14 feet in length and weigh close to two tons. Male marlins hardly ever surpass 300 pounds. The average marlin is usually around 11 feet in length and weighs 200 to 400 pounds. Imagine the stories you can tell about hauling in this huge fish! Your story might even rival the fisherman and his battle with the blue marlin in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.


In addition to the blue marlin’s size, there are other ways to recognize what you are catching. The blue marlin’s dorsal fins can be folded flat against its sides, while its anal fin is large and pointed. Its back is a cobalt blue color, and the flanks and belly are white. It can even have a light blue or lavender stripes on its sides.

Where They Roam

Blue Marlin are native to the tropical waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They are characterized as blue-water fish, which means they spend most of their lifespan swimming far from land. They also migrate and pursue the higher temperature of surface waters. They also avoid cold temperatures, traveling to wherever the currents may take them.


Make no mistake; blue marlins are predators. Equipped with a lethal spear of an upper jaw, they slash through schools of fish to kill and wound their prey. This makes it easy for them to return and collect their food. This natural weapon gives these carnivores an advantage when it comes to hunting. They commonly feast upon squid, mackerel and tuna. Their speed is another strength. They can reach up to 60 miles per hour thanks to their 24 vertebrae. This worthy adversary is usually only hunted by sharks and humans.

You can attempt the daunting task of catching this impressive fish by booking a fishing charter with us in Oahu. Our goal is to give you a memorable fishing experience and assist you as you reel in the catch of a lifetime on our 31-foot Eastern sportfisher, the Flyer.

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